Size Guide

Wedding Veils

We have included some easy steps to measure the train of your gown to help you determine the best length veil. You will need a soft sewing style measuring tape and some help to do this properly, so grab a bridesmaid or two before you get started.  

1. Wear your gown with your wedding shoes, or ones similar in height.

2. With the dress and shoes on, take a few steps forward so the train pulls away from you, this is where you will start measuring.  

3. The measuring tape should start where you want to place the veil. This will depend on the way you want to style your hair and typically the veil is best placed where your hair is secured. From the place of securement let the tape measure drop straight down your back to the floor and mark that length down. Now measure from the end of the first length to the end of the gown (the edge of your train). Add the two length numbers together, and add 12-18 inches depending what style you want, and you will have the length of your veil.  

Daphne’s Note

“You can extend the veil length past your gown length as long as you wish, but you always want to be sure that the veil extends a minimum of 12-18 inches past your gown length to create what I call a window effect. This looks stunning when you walk, as the veil pulls away and creates a serious photoworthy look" 

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Our online sizing tool is very accurate in determining your perfect size. When taking your measurements refer to this guide and if you are in between sizes please contact us. 

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